Objection Handling Script Is It Scam?

Objection handling is one of the skill that you need to master if you are involved in any kind of business.

How to handle this objection scam ba yan?, first I want you to think that this objection come up maybe from the person that  is new in the industry, or don’t know what is you are currently doing  if you are in network marketing, you can always encounter this type of objection because this  business was never been taught in schools.

Objection Handling: Eliminate Before It Comes Up

Itong objection na to kailangan mong e eliminate bago ito mag comes up at kailangan din na meron kang confidence bago sagutin itong objections nato dahil pag hindi mo ito masagot it hurts your ego.

Paano to sasagutin  yung objection na s.c.a.m yata yan! Unang-una tatanungin mo siya sa question na to ” How do you mean?”

And then they explain kung saan to galing na objection maybe narinig nila sa mga balita, narinig nila sa mga kaibigan, or mga kakilala na na scam dati, ask them kung anu ba yung ibig sabihin niya sa scam.

Objection Handling: Don’t Be Defensive

Pag may nagsabi sayo na S.C.A.M yan, wag kang defensive dapat honest ka, educate mo sila about sa iyong industry para mabawasan yung chance na mag raise siya ng objection. You can say this:

If you think na illegal kami or scam yung business ko, do you think nag ooperate pa kami hanggang ngayon? What a powerful questions it is.

Alam naman siguro natin na pag may na e-scam binalita agad yan sa buong social media tapos mag viral pa yan agad, narinig mo na ba yung company namin na binalita ng S.E.C.? Then, Listen to their answers closely.

Objection Handling: Start Closing

After mo yan ma sagot ang objection na yan pwede mo na siya e close sa business mo by start asking right closing questions. So ito yung closing questions mo:

Ikaw: Hey, Mr. Prospect based doon sa diniscuss natin at nalaman natin parehas na hindi ito scam at legal tong ginagawa ko, is there anything you need to know before we get started, is there anything you need to know before you have some fun with us, is there anything you need to know before you have to try one of our product etc!

Dapat gawin mo tong transitional process after mo ma handle yung objection para ma lead mo yung prospect mo doon sa business opportunity mo which asking tamang closing phrase.

Objection Handling: Don’ts

Don’t do this in handling objection:

  • Don’t argue
  • Don’t battle them
  • Don’t go back and forth

 Objection script

Prospect: Di ba yan SCAM?

Ikaw: “Oo tama ka” S.C.A.M to kamo

Alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng SCAM?

Prospect: Hindi

Ikaw: S-uccess C-omes from A-bundant M-indset

Tapos sabay tanungin mo na scam kana ba before?

If yes ang sagot niya tanungin mo ulit magkano na nawalang pera sayo dahil

sa maling mindset mo?

Explain mo sa kanya na pag may tamang mindset ka magkakaroon ka ng S.C.A.M





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