Identity Explained How To Transform Your Life

Identity is the only thing that you need to get the results you want.


So let me ask you this how many times have you said in the past

I’ve gotta increase my sales and I need more motivation?


And as a result what you do with you actually you read more books maybe listen

audio to go to seminars and you were motivated.


for just a bit but you find very quickly but you’re back to you’re old patterns

and you’re unmotivated again…


…if all that applies to you continue reading because I’m going to show you

exactly how that happens and what to do instead.


I’m going to show you why companies spend billions and billions of dollars

on sales training and maybe you yourself was gone seminar to seminar


and companies and you might think will be things are going to help because you

can increase my motivation and very quickly you find yourself back in your old

ruts again.


Identity- Wrong Equation


Well the reason that that happens is simply this most sales motivation and most

sales training starts with the wrong identity equation.


Now what I mean by that is simply this world-class research in particular

research in the Max Planck Institute elites in germany has clearly demonstrated

that up to 95% of all decisions and all behavior is unconsciously driven.


So what that means to you is as many times when you’re not being as motivated

as you want to be which unconciously driven what you’re trying to do is take

external information like sales training or motivational talks.


Whatever and you trying to actually use these things to change your behavior

to get you more motivated but here is the problem with that…


…and this is why self motivation always wears off because behavior is subconsciously

driven what people maybe even you’re trying to do look for information external

outside of yourself.


Identity- Content and Context


Which is what we called content you try to use that content to change your behavior

which is unconscious driven which is context which is your belief in your value and

your filters.


So you try to use something else outside of yourself which is inconsistent something

inside of yourself so, at the subconscious level you’re basically you’re not a

motivated person.


You’re trying to use something like a book or talk or seminar to make you motivated

when in fact your not a motivated person so what we do about this and how to be

fix this?


Identity- Inside Out


The way you fix this is that you start working from the inside out instead of the

outside in when you actually listen to the motivational training that’s from the

outside in.


When the way we start from the inside out is this I’m going to put a graphic up here

and what I want you to do such a looking as this graphic I want you to notice that

behavior work from the inside out like an onion there are many layers.


Change Identity

But we work from inside out so here is a graphic and also looking at this notice

that we actually move from identity to belief to self-talk slash capabilities to

behavior to environment.




Now if you like most people when you’re trying to do is your trying to change your

environment by changing your behavior and then you find very quickly that wears


off and you’re right back and you’re old ways again to create long-term permanent

change what you want to do is you want to actually realign your identity.


Which is if you notice here on the graph is it a very buttom your identity is a very

core of who you are and we dont change the core then nothing on the outside of

going to change for you again…


…and I said it’s a few times this is why you may listen to audio so whatever

but you soon find yourself very quickly back and you’re old¬† patterns in your

own behaviour again.


But it comes to sales & I see over and over people saying know what I’m going to

increase my sales and I’m gonna make more money and what they do is to try to

do something different not realizing that it’s their identity that actually make some

money for them.


Identity- Confident


This is why people that are not confident with his identity thing actually don’t do

well and people that are more confident which is also and identity thing do much



When you’re trying to increase your sales for the most part of really has nothing to

do with what you do because here I’m going to give you something and I want you to

write this down…


…when we do things whatever it is whether we actually prospecting lead generating

out knocking on doors and networking whatever it might be when we lead generating

we’re doing something and here is a big takeaway for you are doing is only as

effective as are being doing the doing.


And our being of course or identity so whatever you do that only going to be as

effective as the person doing the behavior if you’re not getting results that you want

it means that you’re not being the kind of person to get his results.


Here let me give you another big takeaway and you may want to write this down

you ready?


We can only do what we are and it’s hard to do what we are not we can only do

what we are and it’shard to do what we are not.


Identity- Hard and Easy


Here let me give you the best example if you are a smoker it’s very easy to

smoke right?


It’s very easy to buy cigarittes and a lighter and it’s very easy to smoke, yet if you’re

non smoker is it very hard for you to smoke why because you’re a non-smoker.


So when it comes to increasing your sales stop looking for external sales motivation

and start actually working on who you are at the core level when you do that the sales

motivation will come automatically.


If you’re a top producer that is because you are a top producer first in your identity

just like a smoker who actually smokes which is a behavior is a smoker in their


identity if you’re not a top producer it’s not a matter of what you’re doing it

because you’re not a top producer for senior identity.



If you really want to change your life, start at your identity level which is inside out
and not outside in.



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